Executive Board Duties

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  • Oversees all operations of MEA
  • Approves all activities and must attend as often as possible
  • Works with the Executive Board to plan and orchestrate activities
  • Must be a member of NCTM and keep up communication with UCTM
  • Serves as a representative on the Student Advisory Board for the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


  • Oversees service projects
  • Helps the president with their duties
  • Must be a member of NCTM/UCTM and represents MEA at NCTM/UCTM meetings
  • Keeps up regular communication with NCTM
  • Informs MEA of NCTM events and gives NCTM information to Publicity Officer for the bulletin board
  • Updates MEA on UCTM activities


  • Oversee the association’s finances
  • Keeps minutes at Executive Board Meetings
  • Collects data at each of the activities (i.e., roll of who is attending and class they are enrolled in)
  • Keep a list of volunteers for personal tutoring opportunities


  • Promotes the association and each activity
  • Updates and maintains the association’s bulletin board
  • Takes pictures at all events for the board and website
  • Keeps up events and lectures on the bulletin board
  • Sends announcements to the Administrative Assistant to email out to all the MEA members


  • Schedules the room for each activity
  • In charges of refreshments
  • Makes sure the refreshments are taken to the activity
  • Report financial costs for the organization to the secretary after each activity


  • Brings unique insight and suggestions to club activities and meetings
  • Helps with mentoring programs and post-graduation advisement


  • Be a voice for the elementary education students
  • Promote MEA activities to elementary education students
  • Collaborate with other officers to plan and carry out activities