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Q: What does MEA stand for?
A: Mathematics Education Association


Q: What is MEA?
A: MEA is a student organization for students at BYU that are mathematics education majors, or are interested in learning about mathematics education. 


Q: Do I have to be a Mathematics Education major to join?
A: Of course not! All majors are welcome.


Q: How often does MEA meet?
A: Between 1-2 times a month for activities possibility including a lecture.


Q: How will I know when activities are?
A: Emails will be sent out to all members about every activity and information will be posted on the video signage in the lobby.  You can always check the website for the most up-to-date information on everything pertaining to MEA.


Q: Do I have to attend every event?
A: You are free to choose which activities you’d like to attend, but I don’t know why you would ever want to miss any!


Q: If I want to bring a friend to check out an activity is that ok?
A: We definitely welcome friends of our members at MEA events.  However, some activities will be exclusive to MEA members only, we’ll let you know which ones.


Q: How much are student dues?
A: Great news – The Department of Mathematics Education has recently made the decision to absorb all of the costs of running MEA. Consequently, your declaration as a mathematics education major automatically entitles you to membership in MEA and participation free of charge in all of its activities. If you want a t-shirt (which, you do) go to the Math Ed office (167 TMCB) to purchase one.


Q: What kind of activities does MEA do?
A: Our activities range from lecture series to lesson planning workshops to presentations on research and student teaching to social events, and more.


Q: Does MEA do any service projects?
A: Yes, we will organize other service projects throughout the school year.


Q: Is MEA involved with UCTM or NCTM?
A: Yes, MEA is sponsored by the UCTM and is an affiliate of NCTM.


Q: Can MEA help me join NCTM?
A: Most certainly! Just ask any board member.


Q: What kind of resources does MEA provide?
A: Check out our Resources pages for everything you need to know.


Q: Is MEA an official student organization of BYU?
A: Yes


Q: Can non-BYU students join?
A: Reluctantly, non-BYU students cannot be official members of MEA. 

More questions? Feel free to send an email to office@mathed.byu.edu or drop us a note at the mathematics education office. We’ll get the answer to you as soon as possible!