Presenters:   Scott Hendrickson and Sterling Hilton, Brigham Young University

Title: A Framework for Thinking Through a Unit: Implications for Task, Instructional Practices and Student Outcomes

Abstract/Description: The Comprehensive Mathematics Instruction Framework developed by the BYU Public School Partnership informs teachers in making decisions regarding the selection and sequencing of tasks, in implementing instructional practices that intentionally align with the nature and purpose of tasks (e.g., level of cognitive demand), and in assessing expected student outcomes.  Classroom video and student work will be used to illustrate the Framework.

Location: NCSM Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas

Date: April 3-5, 2017


Presenter:   Scott Hendrickson, Brigham Young University

Title: Taking Trig to Task

Abstract/Description: The transition from the static perspective of right triangle trig ratios to the dynamic perspective of circular trig functions, and from measuring angles in degrees to measuring angels in radians, can generate roadblocks and misconceptions.  In this session we will examine a sequence of tasks that reveal, rather than obscure, trigonometric ideas.

Location: NCTM 2017 Conference, San Antonio, Texas

Date: April 5-8, 2017


Presenter:   Keith R. Leatham, Brigham Young University

Title: Using Technology to Engage in Whole-Class Mathematical Inquiry

Abstract/Description: Together we will explore strategies for using a variety of technologies to facilitate whole-class mathematics discussions-discussions in which students are motivated and positioned to engage in making sense of mathematics. Bring your laptop, tablet, calculator, smartphone, or just yourself and join in the fun.

Location: NCTM 2017 Conference, San Antonio, Texas

Date: April 5-8, 2017