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Focusing Student Teaching on Students' Mathematical Thinking

A three-year research project, the purpose of which is to restructure student teaching in mathematics so as to focus the student teaching experience on students’ mathematical thinking.

Exploring and Influencing the Purpose of Student Teaching in Mathematics

Characterized the beliefs of area cooperating teachers as to the purpose of student teaching in mathematics. These findings are being used in the development of a reconceptualization of the structure of the student teaching experience for preservice secondary mathematics teachers.

       related presentation (AMTE 2006):
Purpose of Student Teaching

Select Past Projects

Characterizing the Preparation of Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers to Teach Mathematics with Technology

Developed a survey to gather information from university professors regarding the technology preparation their future high school mathematics teachers receive, with the following purposes:

  1. to characterize and better understand the preparation preservice secondary mathematics teachers from around the United States are receiving in the area of teaching mathematics with technology;
  2. to create an online resource from which mathematics educators can get activities, rich mathematical problems, and references for use in preparing preservice secondary mathematics teachers to teach and learn mathematics with technology;
  3. to prepare to adapt these materials for use in professional development programs with inservice mathematics teachers.
Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers' Beliefs About Teaching Mathematics with Technology

This study, which led to my doctoral dissertation, investigated preservice secondary mathematics teachers’ beliefs about teaching mathematics with technology, the experiences in which those beliefs were grounded, and how those beliefs were held.

          related publication: Viewing mathematics teachers' beliefs as sensible systems

Research on the Use of Handheld Graphing Technology at the Secondary Level

Worked with a team of researchers to synthesize peer-reviewed, published research that addresses the use of handheld graphing technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics. I worked primarily on the section on teacher knowledge and beliefs. The project was funded by Texas Instruments. Director: Gail Burrill

          related publication: Research on graphing calculators at the secondary level: Implications for mathematics teacher education

Developing Open-Ended Assessment Items for Georgia’s Teachers of Mathematics: Grades 3-11

Worked on the development of assessment items. Was also responsible for the technology needs of the project. The project developed materials that now make up a web-based database of 450 open-ended assessment items for use by teachers in grades 3-11. The items fit into a framework consisting of 32 content dimensions crossed with three grade levels (elementary, middle, secondary). The project was funded through the Eisenhower Program for Improving Mathematics and Science Instruction. Principal Investigator: Thomas J. Cooney

related presentation (NCTM 2006): Developing and Assessing Algebraic Reasoning

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