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Within Education: Majors in mathematics education prepare for careers in molding and shaping the future minds of the world. Majors prepare for jobs high in demand teaching mathematics at the middle and high school levels. The skills learned in math education set students apart in STEM fields, and the teaching skills gained will allow them facilitate meaningful mathematics learning. Outside the physical classroom, math education graduates can develop curriculum or educational software, and work in organizations that provide tutoring, online education or distance learning. Graduates are well positioned to pursue advanced degrees in order to facilitate professional development at the district and state administration levels or to qualify to teach higher education.


Outside of Education: This versatile major requires extensive mathematics to rival any program and develops essential communication skills. Graduates who choose to forego the traditional teaching route have found rewarding careers in business, computer programming, information technology, operations research, cryptography, finance and more. Not only are mathematics education graduates prepared to solve problems in these fields using their mathematical background, but their teaching experiences prepare them to be highly effective in communicating solutions to others.