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In 1998, I began working with Gary L. Musser of Oregon State University as a coauthor of the textbook Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: A Contemporary Approach published by John Wiley and Sons Inc. Our current edition (10th) was published in December of 2013. The website for the current edition is

One of the significant features of the 10th edition are the interviews I conducted with children about mathematics problems. You can access these videos on your phone by scanning the QR code in the margin of the book. There are about 100 different videos in the book with some incredibly interesting student thinking on display.

The covers of the 5th through 10th editions are shown below.

10th Edition

9th Edition

9th Edition

8th Edition

7th Edition

6th Edition

5th Edition

Cool Covers!!! Don't you think???

Below are some samples of the orignal photos for the cover of the 9th edition.

Can you describe, geometrically, where the ridges of the sand piles are located?