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Application Information

How to Apply
1. Applications for admission to the MS program of the Department of Mathematics Education are submitted through the Office of Graduate Studies
2. Applications will not be considered until all application requirements have been met, including payment of the application fee.

Application Requirements
1. Completed by March 1 (summer or fall admittance). Students should be aware that they are required to register for at least two credit hours during the term in which they are admitted.
2. GRE general test scores. TOEFL or IELTS scores for international applicants.
3. BA or BS degree in mathematics education, or equivalent academic credentials.
4. A recognized state teacher certification.

Items to Include in Application

1. Resume

2. Letter of Intent

As part of your letter of intent please address the following:

– Why are you a strong candidate for our program?

– What are your career plans and how will getting a degree from our program specifically help you to fulfill those plans?

– List a few topics that you might be interested in researching or learning more about during your time in the program. Briefly describe why these are important.

– At the end of your letter of intent indicate in a sentence if you are planning on attending full-time or part-time. (Full-time students teach or do research for the Department of Mathematics Education part time, take a full load of classes, and are expected to graduate in 2 years. As compensation for the part-time work, full-time students receive a stipend and a tuition scholarship. Part-time students do not work for the Department of Mathematics Education, take a reduced load of classes and are expected to graduate in about 3 years. Most part-time students continue to work elsewhere typically teaching at a public or private school.)

Click here to watch a short video about the graduate program.