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Applying to the Major

Why the Need to Apply to the Major

Candidates for all teacher preparation programs in Utah are required to complete an application that includes core criteria for each program. For the Mathematics Education Program, students complete the application process to be formally admitted to the major while enrolled in the course MthEd 276 (details of the application process will be provided in the course). Students interested in the Mathematics Education major can declare the Mathematics Education pre-major as soon as they are accepted into BYU. Declarations of and changes to majors and minors can be completed at the Advisement Center for the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

What to do as a Math Ed Pre-major

  • Complete the prerequisites for MthEd 276: Math 112, Math 113, Math 213, Math 215, Math 290, and MthEd 177

Students who have AP or transfer credit for calculus can complete the prerequisites for MthEd 276 in two semesters by taking Math 113 and Math 290 the first semester, and Math 213, Math 215, and MthEd 177 the second semester. Students who do not have AP or transfer credit for calculus will need three semesters to complete the prerequisites.

  • Consider taking MthEd 101

Students who are interested in exploring the field mathematics education before completing Math 113 (Calculus 2) can take MthEd 101 to investigate some of the important issues and topics related to teaching and learning mathematics. MthEd 101 has no prerequisites and meets for an hour during each of the first seven weeks of the semester. Each class period is taught by a different instructor so that students have an opportunity to meet several faculty from the Department of Mathematics Education

  • Complete fingerprinting and a background check

Students must complete fingerprinting and a background check before taking MthEd 276 because they will be conducting observations in secondary school mathematics classrooms as part of the course. More information on fingerprinting and background checks can be found at

  • Create a graduation plan

While not required, a graduation plan that lists the courses you will take to complete your degree and the semester you will take them can reduce the time to graduate. A graduation plan is particularly important in the Mathematics Education Major, because there are sequences of courses that take several semesters to complete. All mathematics education pre-majors and majors are encouraged to meet with an advisor from the Advisement Center for the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences or with Dr. Amy Tanner, Undergraduate Coordinator from the Department of Mathematics Education, to create a graduation plan.

  • Meet GPA and ACT requirements

Students must have a college cumulative GPA of 3.0 at time of application. They must also meet the following ACT minimum scores: 20 on Reading, 20 on Math, and 6 on Writing OR SAT scores that are commensurate with these ACT scores. Some students may not have a Writing score on their ACT or SAT. In lieu of this score, students may take the PRAXIS Core Writing exam and earn a passing score. A voucher to pay for this test can be obtained through the McKay School of Education (350 MCKB). Pre-majors who are struggling to meet these requirements should contact Dr. Amy Tanner.