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Careers and Further Study

Although our graduates choose many different paths once they leave our program, the following two paths are the most common and are most in line with the focus of the program:

Public Schools –
Many teachers enter our program either directly from their undergraduate experience or after having taught for several years in the public schools. Our program is designed to give practicing teachers the opportunity to explore more deeply how students think about mathematics and how we as teachers can facilitate and utilize that thinking. Graduates of our program will enter or re-enter the public schools with an increased understanding of research on learning and teaching mathematics.

PhD Programs in Mathematics Education –
The Department of Mathematics Education at BYU has sent a number of its graduates on to top PhD programs in mathematics education across the country. Choosing the thesis option in our program prepares students well for their doctoral dissertation. We also recommend that such students take several graduate mathematics courses as part of their program, as many PhD programs look favorably on this addition when considering admission.