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Tuition/Financial Aid


Graduate Students

Per Semester

(Fall or Winter)

Per Term

(Spring or Summer)


Full-Time (Semester 8.5+ Hours;

Term 4.5+ Hours)



(per credit hour)


Note: A significant portion of the cost of operating the university is paid from the tithes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Therefore, students and families of students who are tithe-paying members of the Church (“LDS”) have already made a contribution to the operation of the university. Because others will not have made this contribution, they are charged a higher tuition, a practice similar in principle to that of state universities charging higher tuition to nonresidents.

Financial Aid for Full-time Graduate Students –We see our graduate students as part of the department’s active research and teaching community. Thus, most full-time graduate students receive support from our department in the form of teaching assistantships. This support includes: 1) a contract, for which the recipient performs teaching duties each semester; and 2) a tuition scholarship for program courses. Information on current levels of support is available from the department office.

Financial Aid for Part-time Graduate Students –The department does not, in general, have funds to support part-time graduate students. However, as budgets permit, the department may be able to provide some support to a part-time graduate student. A scholarship application is available from the graduate secretary to request support. This application is due three weeks before the beginning of a semester or term. Most part-time students are full-time teachers, however, and are thus eligible to receive financial assistance from the Utah State Office of Education, which offers an advancement award for teachers who are seeking an advanced degree. However, because of budget restrictions right now, this is not currently available. If and when it does become available again, we encourage all full-time teachers who apply for our program to also apply for this award.