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Classifying Curricular Reasoning: Ways for Capturing Teachers’ Curricular Decisions

Presenters: Shannon Dingman, University of Arkansas; Dawn Teuscher, Brigham Young University; Travis Olson, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; and Amy Roth-McDuffie, Washington State University
Location: PMENA in Reno
Mathematics teachers make numerous decisions that form lessons that in turn greatly influence what students learn. In making these decisions, teachers rely on their curricular reasoning (CR) to decide on what mathematics to teach, how to structure their lesson, and what problems or tasks to use to achieve their lesson goals. However, teachers differ with respect to the sophistication of their CR and the diversity of CR aspects used in their reasoning. In this paper, we detail two ways to classify teachers’ CR: a leveled approach to capture the increasing sophistication of teachers’ CR, and a heat map approach that highlights the extent to which teacher use various CR aspects in their planning. These methods provide stakeholders avenues by which CR can be studied and that teachers’ CR abilities can be further developed.