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We Are All Children of God: White Christian Teachers Discussing Racism

Presenters: Kate Johnson and Emma Holdaway, Brigham Young University and Amy Saunders Ross, Montana State University - Billings
Location: Mormon Social Science Association of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion and the Religious Research Association in Portland Oregon
Abstract: Studies have shown a correlation between religious ideologies and racist beliefs. Less is known about how people are bringing their religious ideologies to make sense of and participate in discussions about racism and other systems of oppression. In this paper, we analyze the discourse used a small set of White prospective and practicing mathematics teachers in response to a question about how their religious beliefs influenced their perspectives on race. This analysis reveals that current White discursive frameworks may not reveal important components of discourse used by Christians discussing race, racial differences, and racism. Therefore, we turn to Bakhtin’s theoretical perspective on language and discourse to make sense of the participant data. We explore the religious teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints focusing on how the meaning of “we are all children of God” is developed through church curricula, the scriptures used by its members, and the teachings of the Church’s leadership. In other words, we unfold the possible dialogic relationships among contexts, speakers, and words associated with derivations of the phrase “we are all children of God” in The Church and its members. We use this unfolding to show how the ventriloquation of “we are all children of God” operated in contexts about racism to illuminate messiness in prospective and practicing teachers’ use of their religious ideologies in making sense of racism.

Using Public Records to Support Class Discussion

Presenters: Blake Peterson and Keith Leatham, Brigham Young University, Shari Stockero, Laura Van Zoest, Christina Koehne, Eva Thanheiser, Kate Melhuish, Bill Deleeuw, Samuel Otten, Ruveyda Karaman Dundar, Michael Hicks, and Jessica Bishop
Location: AMTE 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Four groups of mathematics teacher educators share the ways they are exploring the creation, organization, and use of public records of student mathematical thinking--physical and visual representations of student mathematics that are publicly accessible to all participants within a classroom.