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How Does Video Analysis Influcence Pre-Service Teachers’ Ability to Notice Student Mathematical Thinking While Teaching?

Presenters: Dawn Teuscher, Brigham Young University and J. Matt Switzer, Texas Christian University
Location: AMTE 2018 in Houston, Texas
We share findings from an analysis of eight pre-service secondary mathematics teachers’ ability to notice student mathematical thinking while student teaching and discuss differences among student teachers who had varying degrees of exposure to analyzing video during their undergraduate program.

Teachers’ Orientations around Using Student Mathematical Thinking as a Resource during Whole-class discussion

Presenters: Keith Leatham, Brigham Young University; Blake Peterson, Brigham Young University; Shari Stockero, Michigan Technological University; Mary Ochieng, Western Michigan University; and Laura Van Zoest, Western Michigan University.
Location: AMTE 2018 Conference in Houston, Texas
We characterize teachers’ orientations related to using student mathematical thinking as a resource during whole-class discussion. We consider the potential these orientations provide to either support or hinder the development of the practice of building on student mathematical thinking.

CPR for the Common Core: Using the Comprehensive Mathematics Instruction (CMI) Framework to Unpack Standards Across a Learning Cycle

Presenters: Scott Hendrickson and Sterling Hilton, Brigham Young University
Location: NCSM Conference, Washington DC
The Comprehensive Mathematics Instruction (CMI) Framework developed by the Brigham Young University Public School Partnership informs teachers on how to align CCSSM content standards along a progression from emerging ideas, strategies and representations towards more robust conceptual, procedural, and representational understanding. In this session participants will use the CMI framework to deepen their understanding of a subset of high school standards as they select, sequence and connect these standards across a learning cycle of instruction.